Welcome to w&p Noiseprotection!

Here in our company, silencers have been designed, constructed, produced and delivered since 1997. And that tailor-made for every project. Our products are characterized by very good quality and reliability and are offered worldwide.

For almost 25 years we have been specializing in the design and manufacture of silencers, especially blow-off silencers. We deliver worldwide:

  • Blow-off-Silencers (with / without expansion orifice)
  • Inline Silencer (pressure silencer) and Reactive silencer
  • Exhaust silencers or baffles
  • Supply and exhaust air silencers for ventilators, blowers, fans, cooling towers, etc.
  • Sound enclosures and sound barriers for compressors, pumps, burners, valves, etc.


Project management and administration takes place in our office in Seefeld. Production is carried out by a small number of long-term partners.

The company w&p Noiseprotection GmbH has since 2004 a quality management system – currently according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 introduced, documented and will develop it further in the sense of the standard.


Since March 2015 we are also able to produce high quality products in India in the province of Gujarat. The production is carried out according to ASME / U-Stamp and is certified according to ISO 9001. Regular visits, intensive contact by an Indian employee on site also guarantee the quality here. For this reason the company w&p Noiseprotection India Pvt Ltd. Gujarat, India was established in 2015. Please visit also the website of our Indian office: http://www.noiseprotection.in  .

Our aims are:

  • Meeting our customers’ inquiries, problems and wishes with fast response times.
  • to be a reliable and competent partner for sound insulation components for our customers and to supply them with cost-efficient, flawless and optimized products for the respective application.
  • are available to our customers as problem solvers in all aspects of industrial acoustics.