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Acoustic planning and consultancy

Our focus of acoustic planning and consultancy is briefly as follows:

a) Industrial noise protection
- Design and calculation noise protection measures for industry and power plants
- Planning and optimisation of piping insulation
- Design and planning of noise enclosures and silencers
- Detailed budgeting and cost estimation of noise protection measures
- noise measurements etc. please click here
è ?noise measurements?
- noise prediction, noise emission calculations
è ?noise immission calculation?

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b) civil acoustics, room acoustics, building construction

- Design and calculation of ventilation systems
- Planning and optimisation of building parts to meet required transmission losses (STC)
- Estimation of noise emissions and noise immissions inside and outside of buildings
- Detailed budgeting and cost estimation of noise protection measures
- noise measurements, pls. refer to 
è ?noise measurements?

c) Noise at workplaces

Because of the new EG directive ?Noise at workplaces? EG-directive 2003/10/EG, new regulations are becoming valid. A new day exposure level LEX,8h is defined of 80 dB(A), which is 5 dB less than before. This will have an impact of a lot of companies, fabrication- and assembly halls. New and additional noise abatement measures may become necessary.
We can assist and support you in finding the right solutions in a cost effective way.

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