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A forecast of sound immission is needed for:
a)authorities approval (authorisation procedure)
b)acoustical planning of plants
c)verification of compliance with acoustic requirements
d)cost estimation of noise reduction measures

Starting with working out a quotation of a plant it is important to evaluate the noise requirements of the client for estimation of the noise abatement costs.

We can offer the following support:
Issuing of legal acceptable wordings for your contract
minimisation of costs by means of noise abatement planning
cost estimation for noise protection measures

With computing a sound prediction you can identify all partial sound pressure levels at the immission points. You can see from a printout: How loud is which noise source at the immissionpoint.

Often the immission sound level can reduced significantly in changing the application of the plant (turning, over moving of exhaust openings).

The table and the graphic shows an industrial air separation plant. At the housing the immission level should not be higher than 50dB(A). The table shows all partial levels of the single sources. The summary ist he total level. The example shows the the main noise source with 43,6 dB(A) ist he air intake of the Air Compressor.


The plant shown the the graphic shows among other things the gas turbine plant of the plant Statoil Hammerfest. You can see the noise distribution inside the plant areas.

The printouts of the sound predictions are displaying lines of equal loudness (Iso dB Linies).

The resolution in most cases is chosen to 1 dB per line.

At every point in the noise map you can indicate very fast the estimated noise level.

This example is showing the shadowing effects of the noise distribution caused by buildings.

The picture shows the sound emission prognosis of a petrochmical plant for upgrading of crude oil products. The main noise source can be identified as the area surrounding the fin air coolers.

For verification this area was zoomed to find out influences and to arrange noise reducing measures.

This calculation of the Hammerfest palnt is showing the main sound emission arround the coolers and machinery.

All examples for the noise prediction are showing that nobody might be an noise expert to estimate the spreading of the sound inside or outside a plant. The implemented layout plans of the plants give a very good orientation and overview.